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5 Best Home Workout Equipment in 2020

Use our home weight lifting machines and strength training equipment to help improve your overall health and enhance stability and balance. Free Shipping.

XMark Voodoo Commercial 7′ Olympic Powerlifting Bar

  • A 5-STAR STAPLE OF ANY HOME GYM. The XMark VOODOO Olympic bar is over built for performance, under-priced for everyone.
  • The VOODOO weight bar offers a superior tensile strength of 185,000 PSI with moderate flex and a 1500 lb. weight capacity.
  • Crafted using a heat treated alloy steel and a snap ring lock system, the VOODOO barbell offers ultimate performance for Olympic and power lifting routines.
  • The 28mm grip shaft of the VOODOO Olympic barbell has a black manganese phosphate coating which is one of the hardest coatings available and provides unbeatable abrasion protection. Protect your investment by wiping down your bar regularly with a light coat of WD-40 or a 3-in-1 oil.
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TITAN Olympic Barbells

  • GREAT FOR OLYMPIC WEIGHT LIFTING: Olympic weight lifting is a great way to tighten and tone your body. This barbell is designed to hold up to 700 lbs., so you can perform a variety of strength training exercises. You can do squats, deadlifts, overhead lifts, bench presses, lunges, and more with this powerful piece of equipment.
  • BUILD MUSCLE: Whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or just a beginner, this Olympic barbell can help you gain greater muscle mass. It’s great for both upper and lower body workouts. With this bar, you can target your biceps, triceps, deltoids, and lats. You can even work your glutes, hamstrings, calves, and quads.
  • EASY-GRIP SURFACE: Working out means working up a sweat. Perspiration can make it hard to get a firm grip on your equipment. Fortunately, our Olympic bar features a diamond-knurling that is designed to give you a sturdy grip. Don’t worry about this barbell slipping out of your hands. Its convenient grooves help you securely hold the bar in place while lifting.
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TITAN FITNESS Short Power Rack T-2 Series Weightlifting Equipment

  • GREAT FOR IMPROVING FORM: The purpose of working out is to strengthen your muscles, not hurt them! That’s why it’s vital to practice good form while you’re lifting weights. The Titan T2 Power Rack is designed with your safety and comfort in mind. It includes dip bars and other features designed to safely optimize your workout.
  • BUILD STRONG MUSCLES: This short Titan Power Rack is a must-have! This piece of equipment can fit in small basements that won’t accommodate standard power racks. You can perform a variety of exercises with this rack, including chin-ups, dips, curls, deadlifts, and squats. If you want to do bench presses, place a bench underneath and you’re good to go. In no time, you’ll be looking fit and trim!
  • DIMENSIONS: This durable steel power rack weighs about 123 lbs. It has a total height of 71.5″, has a 44-inch opening, and has a depth of 24”. It takes up 48” x 58” of the floor. The steel tubes are 2” x 2”. The pull-up bar is 68.5” off the ground. This compact rack is perfect for your home gym, basement, or garage. Add this amazing rack to your collection today.
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Powerline by Body Solid Flat Incline Decline Folding Multi Bench PFID125X
  • The Powerline by Body-Solid Flat Incline Decline Folding Multi-Bench (PFID125X) combines easy-to-use features with exceptional functionality, making it an ideal weight bench for home strength-training programs.
  •  This incline weight bench has seven starting positions that that range from declined to flat to inclined, letting you perform a wide variety of barbell and dumbbell exercises from their correct positions.
  • It comes ready to use right out of the box with no assembly required, so you can start working out immediately. The Powerline Flat Incline Decline Bench measures 57 by 16 by 18 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 45 pounds.
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Merax Deluxe Foldable Utility Weight Bench Adjustable Sit Up AB Incline Bench Gym Equipment

  • Solid 800 LB Capacity Build – Low-profile utility bench constructed with a heavy-duty quality tested steel build that can handle the heaviest loads up to 800 pounds and provide solid support for both you and your weights during heavy lifting sessions on this workout bench.
  • Adjustment Bench – Solid back welded ladder adjusters allow the weight bench back to be adjusted to 6 different angles ranging anywhere between flat, incline and decline so you can get the exact sit up bench workout you need, also with 4 different base seat adjustments for users of varying heights.
  • Soft Dsense Foam Padding – Features dense foam padding throughout for a soft firm surface perfect for long periods of sitting or doing involved sit up or weight lifting bench exercises to build the core, back, chest and more.
  • Merax Weight Bench dimensions: 60″x 22″ x 18.3″~50.4″. Weight Capacity: 800 lbs
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What the Right Strength Equipment Will Do

Using strength equipment is an essential part of any fitness plan. The great thing is that the benches, rigs, and cable machines that are part of this kind of equipment can be used by people who haven’t exercised in years or who are looking to take their regimen to the next level.

The right strength equipment can accomplish a great deal:

  • Type 1 and 32 diabetics seeking to manage glucose levels will find that using the equipment regularly keeps those levels within healthy ranges.
  • A workout using this equipment is good for the heart; that reduces the chances for heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues.
  • The workouts are good for the mind. Exercise with the right equipment helps to fend off depression thanks to the release of endorphins during and after the activity.
  • Suffering with joint stiffness for any reason? Using the equipment along with exercises recommended by as physical therapist helps to ease joint pain and improve the range of motion.

There is no part of the body that won’t benefit from a properly organized workout. It’s possible to tone and build muscle mass in the legs, the arms, the chest, the back, and the stomach. People who are looking to shed excess pounds while also doing a little body sculpting will be surprised what the right equipment choices will achieve.

Before starting any exercise regimen, have a complete physical exam and identify any issues that need to be considered in the planning. A fitness professional will take the results into consideration and provide suggestions on what types of exercises and equipment would be best. Keep in mind that the recommendation will include starting with a lower amount of weight and fewer repetitions. As the endurance builds, it will be easy to increase the weight and the number or reps.

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