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The 3 colors on the Texas flag represent loyalty (blue), purity (white) and red (bravery).The colors resonate with the soul of Texas to such a degree that the Texas flag is the only state flag allowed to fly at the same height as the American flag.



This is my Bar. There are Many Like it, But This One is Mine

More than anything, we wanted to dial it in for old school lifters who just want to grip it ‘n’ rip it with a proudly, American made bar. Sound like you? Here’s why you’ve found your other half:

1. You Worship the Powerlifting Holy Trinity

Find yourself repeating “squat, bench and deadlift” after God, family, country? Then this is the bar for you. This bar’s design caters to all your powerlifting needs and excels for squatting, benching and deadlifting. This bar smashes those lifts like Bigfoot rolls over cars. Do you drive Bigfoot down the express lane of the highway? No you don’t and you don’t use this bar for other lifts.

2. Harley = Yes vs. Crotch Rocket = No

Are you a Harley guy? Scoff at crotch rockets and go “pfft”? Then this bar is for you and only you. The Lone Star Power bar has no time for these newfangled Oly lifts or whatever these young bucks are all doin’ nowadays. You don’t give a damn about cleans, jerks, and snatches, much less know what they even are. This is no time for games. After you park your hog you want to strut into the saloon and order a simple shot of whiskey with no frills. It’s not about speed. It’s your lifestyle.

3. Fondness for Masochistic Knurling

Want your hands to feel like Pfc. Desmond Doss’ in Hacksaw Ridge? This is your bar. Forget about “bite.” This bar’s knurling will devour your hands like a certain shark mangled swimmers near Martha’s Vineyard. WARNING: if you draw blood, Roy Schneider and Richard Dreyfuss won’t be there to save you.

4. Fury Road > Mad Max = Improved

If you think Fury Road was better than Mad Max, this bar is for you. Hey, do we love Mad Max? Hell yeah, we do. The only thing we like more is looking back at our forerunners, giving them a tip ‘o’ the hat, then improving upon the original. We took the finest features of power bars before us, then combined those with improved knurling and spin, thus lifting the (power) bar for a new generation.

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